Dress-Up Damsel

About Me

Who is the Dress-Up Damsel?

My name is Kerry Cordy and I am a 54 year old woman who LOVES to play dress-up. Just before the pandemic I bought my first Damsel in This Dress corset and fell in love. When the shelter in place orders were issued and the world shut down, the online Damselite community came to the rescue with online dress-up challenges and themes. I quickly went from one DITD corset to more than 25. Photoshop became my best friend as I started to learn to place myself into any world I could dream up and a new passion was born.

As part of my new dress-up hobby I started creating my own hats, flower crowns, and other accessories. Soon my collection became too big, but I still wanted to make more so I decided to start selling my items. The funds I make from my creations go to buy materials so that I can create more. This way my hobby supports itself and I can create as much as I want guilt free and hopefully brighten other people’s lives with a bit of whimsy as well as my own.

During the week I can be found at my computer running Curiosity Untamed, a badge based education program designed for homeschoolers. I offer thousands of badges as either pins or magnets with requirements for earning them. In addition to creating badges for Curiosity Untamed, I also make custom pins and magnets for the costume and Renaissance Fair community as well. If you need custom pins or magnets, just shoot me an email at kerry@dressupdamsel.com and let me know what you need.